Are you amongst those folks, and there are many of you, who believe that for one reason or another you just canít do yoga? Maybe you think you weigh too much. Or maybe you just donít think youíre flexible enough. Well, guess what…anyone, including you, can do yoga. Letís take a look at the common reasons for avoiding yoga and how you can overcome them.

Not Flexible Enough

To be honest, most people arenít flexible. Most people spend their lives sitting down. This shortens muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The result is that thereís no chance in heck that youíre going to be able to touch your toes. The good news is that with time and a bit of patience you can improve your flexibility and yoga can help.

In fact, you can go from someone who canít touch their toes to the ability to bend yourself into a human pretzel with dedication to your yoga practice. It all begins with bolsters and a bit of assistance. So you canít touch your toes; so what? Can you place two blocks on the ground and touch those? Can you touch your knees? Yoga is infinitely modifiable to anyoneís current flexibility level and it will help you improve your flexibility quite quickly.

Too Overweight

As the population increases in size (weíre talking girth here, not number of people), more and more yoga studios are offering classes designed specifically for this population. You may have to modify the poses to suit your current fitness level and size but thatís just fine. Almost every new yoga student has to do some sort of modifications to the poses. Donít let your weight hold you back. Yoga can help you lose weight, improve your endurance and strength, and make you more comfortable in your body.


Chronic conditions like chronic fatigue, arthritis, and even respiratory conditions prevent many people from trying yoga. This is unfortunate because yoga can actually improve your condition and reduce or even alleviate symptoms.

For example, arthritis is painful; however, regular movement often reduces the pain. Chronic fatigue can be debilitating, yet when you get the blood circulating through your muscles and tissues it can help balance your energy and release positive, healthy, hormones that make you feel better and have more vitality.

Even people undergoing chemotherapy can benefit from yoga. The key is to choose a yoga that fits your present health and fitness level. Start with a gentle beginnerís class; try Hatha for a basic approach thatís easy to learn. Find an instructor that is compassionate and begin enjoying the myriad benefits of yoga.